Our Mission & Values

Our philosophy is simple: to render the highest level of evidence based medical care in the community by focusing on prevention and early detection.  We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective and compassionate care for each and every patient through personalized attention and individualized care.  We realize that the most important person in healthcare is not the doctor, but the patient!  It is inborn in every member of our staff to provide each patient with the same courtesy and respect.  It is our belief that we differ from other Primary Care practices in that we not only practice high-quality medicine in a patient services-oriented office setting but also educate each patient about his or her specific ailment or condition.

Even today, we maintain that good “old-fashioned” doctor-patient relationship in light of the financial pressures from managed care, the rising costs of operating a medical practice, and increasing malpractice insurance premiums.  All we request is your patience.  We will, in turn, give you the same importance and consideration.  We do value and respect our patients' time.  However, the need to schedule efficiently in a managed care environment combined with unforeseen circumstances, hospital and office emergencies, phone interruptions, etc., there are inevitably inefficiencies. 

Legal Disclaimer: Materials on this website are for informational purposes only.  They are not intended as a substitute for any professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or an office visit.